You have worked for five long years — or more, and longer — as an apprentice to a master chef of the Kitchen Kingdom, sleeping beneath the stove, bearing up the tears of your master’s onions and scorn, waiting, always waiting for the day. For today. Because today, you are no longer an apprentice. Your master, grudgingly or proudly, has told you that you are ready, and that is all the word you need, because with that word, you are a Journeyman.

Journeyman is a roleplaying game by Ben Lehman which follows the adventures of a journeyman chef, traveling a fantasy world in search of new foods, recipes, and tastes, and what she learns about herself along the way. Inspired by The Search for Delicious, cooking reality shows, and most especially the Journeyman restaurant in Somerville, MA.

Additional writing by John Snead and Clarice Benson.

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