You are nothing if not extraordinary. For the likes of you, adventure awaits around every corner. The world is full to the brim with treasures both imagined and unimagined, deeds both great and sinister, foes both human and inhuman. You are an adventurer, and you will seize your destiny or die in the attempt.

Deeds and Doers is a version of D&D that fits in your wallet, takes less than half an hour of your time, and you can play on the way to work. It fits almost every rule I use to play D&D into lean, hungry package, waiting to be played.

Deeds and Doers includes a Player’s Handcard, a Dungeon Master’s Grimcarde, a character record card, a dicecard, and Adventure Module n1: Vengeance Upon Thieves, all illustrated by Tony Dowler.

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In May 2014, we released an expansion pack for Deeds and Doers with three new cards:

* Unearthed Arcardna, which is an alternate set of six classes: The Witch, The Traveller, The Knight, The Fool, The Doctor, and The Mendicant

* Elfs, Dwarfs, et cetera, which adds rules for playing non-human classes.

* The Cardpanion, which adds rules for high level (level 7 and up) play, including mass combat, magical laboratories, and followers.

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Would you like to create your own modules and supplements for Deeds and Doers? You can! Check out modules a1, a2, m1, and m2 below.

Download Module a1 Brass Tomb of Abaan and Module a2 Mountain of Swords, by Ara Kooser.

Download Module m1 Storming the Dead City and Module m2 A Desperate Gambit, by Marshall Miller.

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