After accident or illness, long or slow, your loved one has died. But, in your time of grief, a comfort: they have been buffered, giving you a chance to speak to them one last time, to resolve any last questions or last arguments, or declare your love. Buffering is, of course, hugely expensive, and you’re lucky that your insurance covers thirty minutes.

Island in a Sea of Solitude is a short game, ideally played over video chat, about coping with either the loss of a loved one or your loved one’s bereavement after your own death. It is set in the near future, with little difference from our own time, and focuses on the relationship between two family members after one of them dies.

Play it with one or two other people who you trust with your heart.

Island in a Sea of Solitude is available as part of Four Ways to Die in the Future.

This game was released thanks to my patrons: Josh Symonds, Kairam Ahmed Hamdan, Andrew Cain, Alissa Mortenson-Tyka, Jeremy Zimmerman, Charlton Wilbur, Nick Golding, Matthew, Jonas Richter, Alan Jackson, Benjamin Haines, S. Ben Melhuish, Nathan Black, Rob K., Philip Espi, Michael, Rob Deobald, Carl Rigney, Bastian Dornauf, Sean Nittner, Jacek Gołębiowski, Josh T Jordan, AdreJustin Smith, James Stuart, Stephanie Bryant, Clay Gardner, Jon Rosebaugh, Robert Cooper Ferguson, John Bogart, Aaron Friesen, Martino G., Brent P. Newhall, Robert Rees, Herman Duyker, Evan Silberman, Larry L., Jason Pitre, Baywei Chang, Stras Acimovic, Julie Southworth, Lukas Myhan, Ben Wray, Guillaume Carré, Joe, Joshua Crowe, Dev Purkayastha, Quinn, Jason Wodicka, Philippe D., J Li, Nathan Harrison, Kevin Li, Brad Gravett, Matthew Klein, Chad, John Leen, Brian, Eileen Koven, Tayler Stokes, Mike Sugarbaker, Thom Kiraly, Tony Dowler, Noah Iliinsky, Olivier Murith, Edoardo Baruzzo, Cheryl Trooskin-Zoller, Michael Fujita Wight, Gaelan, Ariamaki, Lapo Luchini, Flavio Mortarino, Lester Ward, Jessica Hammer, Gregor Hutton, Theo Clarke, Vincent Baker, Christoph Boeckle, J.Walton, Epidiah, ryan, Jeremy Glick, Darla Magdalene Shockley, runester, Shawn McCarthy, Nathan Hansen Games, Julie M. Rodriguez, Rafu, Carolyn Lehman and Peter Lehman.